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The World Kielbasa Festival is a four-day fair that includes music, food, crafts, craftsmen, merchants and much more. The show band, a favorite in western New England since 1979, will reunite for the finale of this year's festival Chicopee.

Nash Field stretches along the Connecticut River, which follows the south side of the city from the Massachusetts State Capitol to the corner of Main Street and State Street.

Chicopee is part of western Massachusetts, defined by Springfield as Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire counties. The city has 55,298 inhabitants, making it the second largest city in the state of Massachusetts after Springfield, Massachusetts. It borders the Connecticut River, the Massachusetts State Capitol and the New Hampshire border. Within the city are the cities of Chicopees Falls, Chittenden, Northampton, Quincy, Southampton and Somerville.

The city is named after the tributaries that flow into the Connecticut River at its mouth. Chicopee (CHIK - pee) is a small town of about 1,000 inhabitants in Hampden County, Massachusetts, in the western part of the state of Massachusetts. Situated between Fairview and Willimansett, the Smith Highlands section once had its own market.

Springfield has Chicopee Kielbasa, the capital of the world, right next door and directly opposite the city center. Chicopsee is nicknamed "the crossroads of New England" (also used by West Springfield) and has acquired another nickname: "The Crossroads of All New Hampshire."

The settlement in the upper district may be based on Shipmuck, which means "large watery place," and Skipmaug, which means "main fishing place."

Mills were built in Skenungonuck and the restaurant has remained consistently in its original location. Jake's Fairfield Mall is now history, but it closed this fall and is reopening as a restaurant. Chicopee Memorial State Park, located near the Burnett Road neighborhood and known as Cooley Brook Reservoir Watershed, has become a heavily used recreational area.

The Chicopee Canal Walk, inaugurated on May 21, 2010, is a canal that follows the historic plane trees from Cabotville to the Grape Route. The plan is to extend the Deady Bridge to create a bike and footpath linking Cabotsville and Lake Chicago Falls.

Band member Ted Hamel said the special thing about the show was the performance by singer Danny Lopes and the group. From left to right, band members Charlie O'Hara, Danny, Ted and Danny's brother Mike sit.

Hamel said he sang with the group as they played songs like "Dixie Chicks," "Self" and "Ain't No Man's Land." Michael served on the boards of directors of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Massachusetts State Symphony Orchestra. He has held positions with many other organizations, including the American Legion, the National Association of Realtors of Massachusetts, and Worcester Lodge of Theological Seminary.

He was also a member of the Board of Directors of Convenient Cards, Inc. and Tom's has also been admitted to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Massachusetts State Symphony Orchestra. Jason is a member of Worcester Lodge of Theological Seminary, the American Legion and Hampden County Chamber of Commerce. Tom has been practicing and trembling for over 30 years, most recently at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital.

During his career he was a member of the Hampden County Chamber of Commerce, the American Legion and the Worcester Lodge of Theological Seminary. He was also born in Boston, Massachusetts and studied music at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital, and earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Harvard University.

Irish football team, where he trained and enjoyed dancing to Irish music, and was a member of the Irish Football Association, the American Legion and the Hampden County Chamber of Commerce.

Brent has since expanded the store with closed outdoor seating and added a menu, and it has also opened a second location in the new Fairfield Mall. North of the Y is Brent's Irish Pub and Grill, a restaurant and bar with more than 30 years of experience.

Opposite the school is the Brunelle Funeral Home, owned and operated by the Brunelles, and of course Yvonne Hamel, who runs Y Vonne's Hamels music studio. The original owners of the building, Willimansett Precinct and the Chicopee Police Department, who both occupy the building, are long gone. Ames Tower in Cabotville is now part of the Ames Privilege apartment complex, but it is still for rent.

Fairview is the northernmost borough in the village of Chicopee and originally included land that is now part of Westover ARB. The Willimansett section of Center Falls was once the lower part of the country, but has since been redeveloped.

More About Chicopee

More About Chicopee