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In the beautiful area we live in, there are various Western Massachusetts special events that take place throughout the season. From the annual New Year's Eve party to Christmas tree lighting, there is a wide range of activities throughout the year. These local events reflect the joyful beauty of the seasons, and we have put together a list of things our local friends like to do to feel connected to our community in the area.

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We are a retail store in Chicopee, MA, and you will find many ways to celebrate. In case you do not, our staff will be at your disposal to help you plan the perfect party. The corridors are organized in such a way that everything is easy to find and easy to reach.

Preston Park is the ideal place to play baseball or relax with the kids. If you can't find Preston Park in Chicopee due to its proximity to downtown, Rivers Park is the best alternative as it is located on quiet Meadow Street.

In addition to historical views, there are live shows, plays and concerts that focus on Polish culture. The covered terrace also includes a leisure facility with sports broadcasting screens and a hall that can be rented for small events. It also includes the annual Chicopee Marathon, one of the largest races in western New England, which includes a 1,000-mile run, 2,500-meter bike race, 5-kilometer bike ride, 10-kilometer run and 5,400-yard run. This includes events such as the New York City Marathon and the Boston Marathon, as well as many other races.

In addition to the attractions, there is the city's football stadium, which hosts local games, and the Chicopee Soccer Club. Dana Park offers a variety of activities for children and adults, which can be accommodated in the outdoor amphitheater with up to 1,000 seats and a playground for children.

Nash Field stretches along the Connecticut River, which follows the south side of the city from its Massachusetts border to the north side. The city borders the New Hampshire border to the north, and within its borders are the Massachusetts State and Fall River.

Schools include Saint Joan of Arc School, which serves the east side of the city, Saint Stanislaus School, which serves Front Street, and St. Rose Catholic High School, which serves the west side of Main Street. Holyoke Catholic High School was founded in 1884 as the first public high school in Massachusetts with a first class of students.

Chicopee has evolved from the nickname "the New England Crossroads" to the one West Springfield uses, and Springfield has its Kielbasa (capital of the world) right next door.

Nayasett (nipmuc for "small dot" or "angle") is the name of the present Chicopee Center and Lake Chicago Falls. The settlement in the upper district was possibly based on Skipmaug, which means "main fishing ground" and Shipmuck, which means "large watery place." When the city of Springfield and the land that would later become Aldenville were separated into the city of ChicOPee in 1848, the area between the falls and the present The Chico Falls remained part of Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1852, to avoid undermining the state regulations that should have made Springfield a city, Chicipee (which included the city of West Springfield and parts of East and South Springfield) split into two districts: the "upper district" (north and south) and the "lower district."

The Willimansett section of Center Falls is located on the lower land, and the most expensive apartments in the city are in the park - such as the Chicopee Center and Lake Chicago Falls, as well as parts of North and South Springfield and Aldenville.

The Pattias 4-10 bar is the perfect place to enjoy a sports festival or live music with friends. On Tuesdays, the music comes from the background and can be heard all over the city, even on the sprawling, bubbling ground. The balloons represent the best that the Western fair has to offer, but my favorite is definitely the 75-foot cat in the hat balloon.

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More About Chicopee