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My name is Hannah Appleby , I am a primary school counsellor and teach 7th and 8th grade at Holy Trinity School in Greenfield. I have been a teacher at St. Joan of Arc School since the beginning of school and for four years; I was deputy principal for two years and special education teacher for three years, was a part-time teacher and teaching assistant at Greenfields Elementary School for one year before I started at Saint Joan - the - Arc School.

In 1928, the school was recognized as a liberal art school for women and its name changed to the College of Our Lady of the Elms.

The community received a city charter from the Massachusetts General Court on April 18, 1890, and the Springfield political groups wanted the jurisdiction to remain a city rather than become the city and assume mayoral rule. To prevent state regulations that would have made Springfield a state town from being undermined, Chicopee, which included the city of Springfield, a small town of just under 1,000 people, was separated from Springfield. The result was that Springfield lost its status as a city and its right to a mayor and council of its own people when Chicago was founded.

Chicopee was nicknamed "the New England Crossroads," while West Springfield also used one. The history of the city is reflected in many shops that are Polish-American and contain traditional Polish dumplings known as pierogi.

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In addition to Chicopee drivers, they also serve Springfield, Northampton, West Springfield and Enfield and their neighboring cities. The city is located on the border between the towns of Fall River and Springfield in the western part of the state of Massachusetts and borders the cities of Cambridge, Amherst, Worcester, Somerville and Cambridge.

The highest elevation in the city is Old Lyman Road in the Fairview section at 288 feet, and the Willimansett section of Center Falls is the lowest in the country.

Chicopee is part of western Massachusetts, defined by Springfield as Hampden, Hampshire, Franklin and Berkshire counties, and Hampdens and Hampshire as Berkshire counties. Four freeways run along the border, including Interstate 91, Interstate 95, I-195 and Interstate 395. The site is home to the first public school in the United States, Springfield Public School. When it was divided into the city of Chicopee in 1848, parts of Center Falls and the land that would later become Aldenville remained part of Springfield, Massachusetts.

The covered courtyard also features a variety of leisure facilities, including a sports canopy and a hall that can be rented for small events. Facilities include an indoor / outdoor pool, a fitness centre and an outdoor pool with pool house.

Ray Ash Memorial Park features a variety of facilities, including a kida playground, basketball court, indoor / outdoor pool and fitness center. Located on beautiful Springfield Street, the hotel features upscale facilities including a gym, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools and a tennis court. The park houses a range of modern leisure facilities, including state-of-the-art outdoor facilities. In addition to the sights, there is the city's football stadium, where local matches are played.

Nash Field stretches along the Connecticut River, followed by the Chicopee River to the south. The plan is to extend the Deady Bridge to create a bike and footpath linking Cabotville and Lake Chicago Falls.

If Memorial State Park is a little too crowded, you can visit Rivers Park on quiet Meadow Street. Chicopee Riverfront Park in the city's South End is an excellent alternative, with similar features that make it difficult to distinguish it from Memorial State Park.

The Basilica of St. Stanislaus, located on Front Street, is a 1908 Brownstone cathedral - like a church in the style of the Baroque. It has been described as one of the finest examples of modern architecture in Chicago history and a fine example of the Catholic Church in Massachusetts.

The Chicopee Kielbasa Festival was founded in 1897 and became part of a larger cultural event when it moved to the Big E site in West Springfield. The former Robert Pond Swimming Area is a popular summer attraction, and in winter the area that now houses Bellamy Junior High School borders the southern branch of the Mystic River and the East River as a popular toboggan and ski resort.

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